Mark began playing guitar at age 13 and piano
at age 18. He also noticed he enjoyed the expressiveness of singing at age 18. Since
that time, he has described his love for
music as an obsession.


His performances have been well-received in
a variety of settings; ranging from pubs, bookstores, and coffee houses throughout Manhattan, New Jersey, and recently Philadelphia; to more formal settings like weddings and receptions for opening art exhibits. Mark is able to perform as solo
artist or as a group.


Mark’s musical and vocal versatility has allowed him a broad performance style ranging from folk to classical, hard rock to ballads, along with intricate guitar sections throughout. Dynamics may be light and lyrical or strong and energetic.


Mark has also completed a CD including all solo classical guitar works, arranging most of the songs. Mark considers his new CD,
“No Roads To Juneau,” his best work yet.


About Mark Bodino 


No Roads to Juneau

A Moment In Time

Classical Guitar Works

No Roads to Juneau

© 2009 Mark Bodino


The concept for the cover song and CD project, No Roads to Juneau, emerged serendipitously, as most inspirations do. Mark’s uncle shared a story about getting lost on his way to Alaska’s capitol, and while stopping for directions was told, “There’s No Road to Juneau!”  The musicality of the phrase sparked a metaphor for the frustration for a relationship’s communication break-down
and eventual deterioration.


Mark composed the music and lyrics of No Roads to Juneau and performed all vocals and guitar accompaniments. Jack Falzarano was the producer and provided additional slide, rhythm, and bass guitar tracks. The project integrates a range of styles, including hard rock, ballads, folk, classical, Latin, jazz, and even hip hop textures. The moods range from light and lyrical to strong and energetic, with wide appeal to diverse tastes.

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A Moment In Time

© 2001 Mark Bodino


A collection of twelve songs that reflect a variety of musical styles; contemporary, classic, folk rock style, ranging from aggressive hard rock styles to the soft quality of poetic ballads. All of the work on "A Moment In Time" is original; including musical composition, lyrics, and orchestration; and singing and performance on guitar, bass and keyboard.


The concept reflects the simultaneous and contradictory events in a single moment in space and time, a simultaneity and contradiction that can only be suggested by the artist and interpreted by the listener. In spite of the isolation of each individual, there is hope in the connection between musician and listener, through the energy of rhythm and the lyric of emotion.


The collection of twelve songs reflects a variety of musical styles. Some have a contemporary, classic, folk rock style, but incorporate variations in beat and mood. Others have the aggressive quality of hard rock or the soft quality of poetic ballads. Throughout, the emphasis is on songwriting, with elaborate guitar work, orchestration and tonality. Mark's skill in classical guitar, blues, and jazz performance is woven through some of the work as well.

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Classic Guitar Works

© 2002 Mark Bodino


Solo classical guitar pieces, many arranged from classical piano arrangements

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